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The aim of the Association is to keep the name of our ship alive and remain in contact with all who served on HMS Ambuscade or were affiliated with her.

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President (intrim) Peter Mosse
Chairman Mark Brocklehurst
Committee Members
Hon V-President  
Webmaster Steve Griffin
Phil Henry
Treasurer Richie Killick  
  Ray Taylor
  Frank Parker
21-Club ship's rep Sam Potts
Membership Secretary Ian Thoburn
Howie Lazenby
Mike Townson

Cheshire (Now Mercian) Regiment

Mercian Newsletter 2014

Crewe, Cheshire
TS Ambuscade
Sea Cadets Crewe

thanks for volounteering !

WANTED.....Additional Committee members especially before 1982 & after 1985

-Please e-mail Mark   to volunteer.


wasn't me!

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