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October 2003



HMS Ambuscade Association Newsletter

October 2003 Reunion 03 Issue

Notes from the Chair's Chair

So, we return to our 'normal' lives after the 2003 reunion. Firstly, can I thank the many that have sent e-mails thanking the Committee for the weekend.

The Friday night was the usual success and may prove to be norm for all future reunions. There were several incidents on the Friday of which I will not name here (but will if I do not receive a sizeable donation to the Sea cadets!).
The Saturday meeting was a great success. We elected a new Committee of 8 who intend to meet in Jan 04 to build on the agreed framework for the Birthday Extravaganza in 2005.

The Saturday evening bash was good considering the small number that attended.. There were several lessons to be learnt from this event. The Committee procedure needs to be altered so that we book the function hall upon confirmation of numbers attending, the members need to commit earlier to enable the Committee to make this decision. At the Sat' meeting it was suggested that maybe members could commit a deposit (say £10/£15) to the 2005 function. This, I think is very good idea on several grounds;

1. It gives the Committee a clearer idea of who is making an effort to attend
2. It puts funds in the bank that the Committee can use for any items that need to be pre-booked
3. The Committee can give an earlier/firmer indication of the reunion events

Despite the size of the hall I standby every decision taken by the Committee and I strongly believe we made the right decisions on the information available.

The new Committee has their hands full in the organising of the 2005 bash. At the Sat' meeting we agreed that;
" we should return to Crewe
" the date to be mid June
" Friday night at Royal Hotel
" Saturday night at the Crewe Football Club

This is a good and well tested format (see 2002's foggy notes!). It is a strong framework to build on but the old contacts need to be re-enlivened and ties re-established.

The 2005 reunion/birthday party promises to be a great event in a town we know welcomes us with open arms. Can I please request that everyone aids the Committee in the next 21 months to help guarantee this.



A big chuck up to the old Committee for all their help in organising the 2003 reunion. It was often a hard and difficult process but I know I speak on behalf of the whole membership when I say we are very grateful for your perseverance in arranging it……..

Thank you



Members News

We are losing two of our greatest supporters. Doc and his gorgeous young lady, Paula, are off to the sunny climes of Spain. They have their camper van, sombrero's and factor 20 and are ready to roll into the setting sun over Plymouth Sound.
Can I, on behalf of us all, wish Paula and Brian all the very best for their future and may we see them on El-Good Life !


Great News
We now have a web site. This is a great leap forward for the Association. Thanks to Steve Griffin for all his hard work in setting this up.

You can access this site via http://www.ambuscade.org

The site is still not complete but we will be using this site to ensure you have up-to-the-minute info on how things are going. Please e-mail Steve with the date you joined and left HMS Ambuscade and your rank at the time.


Can I please make a request for all members to up-date the Committee on your contact details including 'phone, postal and e-mail address. This will help us keep you informed of all the latest developments. Form on web site.

Membership Fees

To enable the Association to provide a full and effective service it needs money. This money comes from us all to ensure the smooth running as we go into 2004.
The fees have been held at £5:00 pa and are now due for 2003/4.
If you attended the Reunion on 19-20 September then you have already paid your membership fees. If not, could you please forward your remittance as soon as possible to Richie to the above address.
Thank you.



Terry Coupe very kindly offered to take the Photo's for the newsletter over the Reunion weekend. He took loads on Friday night as I am sure you are all aware. Anyone who has seen where Terry left his expensive camera at the end of Friday night please contact him. Don't
send an e-mail/text as he went on to lose his reading glasses on Saturday!!
Bless him.


There is a member by the name of Nigel (Jock) Anderson who was an AB onboard 77-80. He is now living in Wellingborough doing
'Chippy-ing'. As a side-line he is doing engraving of glass. He has offered to engrave glasses/tankards/decanters and the like for all Ambuscader's at cost (excluding post, packing and insurance). His handy-work was on display at the reunion however, if you missed it, he can give you a full briefing by phone/e-mail

If you wish to use this periodical to advertise your services please do not hesitate to put your details forward. They will be included in the next issue.


Big thanks to Jan Toye for doing the Newsletters in 2002/3.
Having just spent many hours doing this one I appreciate the hard work you put in.
Ray Taylor

What we do now……

Most of us are now doing work totally removed from our jobs on board the Ambers'.

Can I request that you knock up a small dit entitled……
"A day in the life of……….."

We are interested…….honest !




Members Present:

Ray Taylor Mark Brocklehurst Steve Griffin
Peter Mosse Mitch Gardner Taff Griffiths
Brian (Doc) Findlay Kev Meadows Bill Bailey
Richie Killick Paul Coussens George Thoburn
Phil Hudson Nige Loar Pete Snowball
Terry Coupe Chopper Chope Phil Henry
Frank Parker Brian Burrows Lee Symms
Brian Perks Nobby Halls Mike Woodland


Mick Jones, Mick Openshaw

1. The Chairman opened the meeting at 1200 and thanked all members for attending.

Chairman's Review

2. The Chairman then went on the give a review of the first year of the HMS AMBUSCADE Association. The Association was formed following the Falklands Reunion last year in Crewe. The enthusiasm shown for it by all those who had attended the memorable Crewe bash had unfortunately not come to fruition. However, to date over 60 people had joined the Association, which was a big step in the right direction.

3. The intention was to try and recruit as many new members as possible, spanning from her laying down in1974 until her sale to the Pakistani Navy in 1993. Some 1200 or more ex-Ambuscader's have yet to be found. It had been a difficult year for the Committee, with work commitments, although it had not been helped by the less than enthusiastic response of many people. However, that was in the past and the Association must now look to the future.

4. On a more positive note the Chairman informed the members that a total of £200 had been collected in Crewe and had been passed to TS AMBUSCADE. A further £200 was raised this year, a magnificent achievement.

5. It was not planned to hold any formal event in 2004. However, this did not stop members getting together on an informal basis. The next planned full Reunion of the Association was programmed for 2005.

6. Finally, the chairman thanked all members for the excellent evening in the St Levan Inn the night before and judging by some of the faces it was obvious that most had had a good night.

Treasurer's Report

7. The Treasurer gave the meeting a financial breakdown covering the period 31 Jan 02 up until the 12 Sep 03. In summary the Association was on sound financial footing with a credit balance of approximately £500+. A copy of this statement is attached to these minutes.

Matters Arising

8. The Way Forward. If the Association is to grow, a greater effort will be required by all members to try and establish links with 'old shipmates'. To date over 100 people had been contacted with over 60 joining over the last 15 months. Membership numbers for the year ending 31 Aug 04 currently totalled 36.

9. Affiliations. It was agreed that it would be important to maintain our links with Crewe and in particular TS AMBUSCADE, the Mayor, Council and the Cheshire Regiment. The Chairman said he would be writing to TS Ambuscade to up-date them and send the proceeds of the raffle. Peter Mosse informed the meeting that he would be writing separately to the other ship's affiliations informing them of the progress of the Association and of our hope to return to Crewe in 2005.

10. Reunion 2005. Following minimal discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the next reunion would be held in Crewe in 2005. A provisional date of a Fri and Sat in Jun was set. The format to be similar to that of last year. It was suggested that members might be asked for a deposit for this event, say £10/£15. This could be a good idea on several grounds although there might be disadvantages. It would give the Committee an earlier, clearer idea of likely attendance, it would help to fund early expenses like pre-booking and it would give the Committee more confidence organising reunion events. On the other hand it could lead to accounting difficulties including potential refunds and create a misleading picture. The Committee will consider the idea in more depth at the next meeting. Care would need to be taken that this did not clash with any events planned for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

11. Website. The setting up on an HMS AMBUSCADE Website was discussed. It was decided that it could prove to be a valuable asset for the Association. The possible advantages were many but it would primarily be utilised to attract new members and also a way of publishing Newsletters, memorabilia and photographs. Mark Brocklehurst and Steve Griffin agreed to take this on and hoped to get something up and running by the end of the year. Steve did inform the meeting that there would be some cost in setting it up.

Election of New Committee

12. The Chairman informed the floor that he would be stepping down as Chairman after the next committee meeting. It would be the intention to vote in a new Chairman when the new committee next met, as there were no prospective candidates nominated. Lee Symms on behalf of the members assembled thanked the chairman and committee for their work over the year, and wished both the Chairman and Doc Findlay and their wives every success on their new ventures overseas.

13. The following people volunteered and were duly elected to the committee:

Richie Killick (to remain as Treasurer)
Peter Mosse
Frank Parker
Mark Brocklehurst
Paul Coussens
Mike Woodland
Bryan Perks
Pete Snowball
Phil Henry (willing late volunteer)

Steve Griffin (Volunteered by Brock to be webbuilder)

Any Other Business

14. Contact Lists. The Treasurer agreed to update the contact list and pass it to committee members. The regulations of the Data Protection Act, prevented addresses/E-mail addresses and telephones numbers being passed to Association members without the permission of the individual. All new contact details should be passed to the Treasurer to update the Master List.

15. Newsletter. Since 2000 we have built up a database of members of the Ships Company, mostly around 80-83 although, overall, we now have members spanning all of Ambuscades life. Most of these contacts have joined or, in a very few cases, declined to be involved. This is OK because we know where we are with these guys. There are others that are, what I call "sleeping members" -i.e. they receive all the literature and the occasional telephone call but have not yet committed to the Association. This takes a lot of effort for a limited return and the Committee will be seeing how it can to focus its resources better to serve the active members.

Next Meeting

16. It was decided that the new committee would meet in January 2004 in Crewe, to kick off arrangements for the 2005 30th Anniversary Reunion.

17. There being no further business the Chairman again thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting at 1325.




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