Reunion Snaps

Crewe Meeting Jan 2004


We used the opportunity of the Crewe & Nantwich annual celebration of Holy Holly week to meet the Mayor and reinforce the ties between HMS Ambuscade Association and the Borough of Crewe & Nantwich

Holy Holly Week -(thanks o Ray Taylor)

You what ?!!!!!

Bet you've never heard of it have you ?

Well, way back in 1683 on 25 January when the English Civil War was in full swing the Royalist descended on Nantwich to sort things out. This led to a siege where the locals held out against the Royalist for several weeks. In the end the Royalists got fed up, shouldered their muskets and went home.
The inhabitants of Nantwich, to show their great happiness and joy and to prove they were more intelligent than the Royalists, stuck sprigs of holly on their heads !
This event has now been resurrected and is celebrated every January. It is a very colourful,noisy and busy event. Seriously, if you are at a loss next Jan' and fancy a bit of colour and noise you could do no worse than popping into Nantwich (don't wear Holly though, it hurts!!)

Here are a few photos - (some of the attending members may remember glimpses of movement going past the pub window)!



During our DTS Ray disappeared for a while but was caught in this photograph carrying out the salute.

" I just had to get my Musket out"

he later admitted

As the outgoing chairman looks on, Brock makes his first major decision as Association Chairman.

"I think I'll try the chow mein with Guinness sauce"

As usuall things started off respectfully, but

you can take Jack out of the Navy but you can't...... >


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