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The aim of the Association is to keep the name of our ship alive and remain in contact with all who served on HMS Ambuscade or were affiliated with her.

Reunions Roadshows & Events
2001 Reunion Crewe (Falklands 20 years)
2003 Reunion Plymouth
2004 Event Meeting + Crewe Holy Holy day
2005 Reunion Crewe
2006 Roadshow Portsmouth
2007 Reunion Crewe (Falklands 25 years)
2007 Roadshow Plymouth
2008 Roadshow Portsmouth PHOTOS
2008 Roadshow Plymouth
2009 Reunion Crewe
2010 Event Mini reunion Macclesfield PHOTOS
2010 Roadshow Portsmouth PHOTOS
2012 Reunion Crewe PHOTOS
2013 Roadshow Weymouth PHOTOS
2014 Roadshow Portsmouth PHOTOS
2015 Reunion Crewe PHOTOS
2016 Mini Reunion Christchurch PHOTO
2017 Mini Reunion Portsmouth PHOTO
2018 Mini Reunion Crewe PHOTOS


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