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Most of us are now doing work totally removed from our jobs on board the Ambers'.

Can I request that you knock up a small dit entitled……
"A day in the life of……….."

We are interested…….please e-mail the webmaster

Ray Taylor

A Day in the Life of…..

Ray Taylor (L/STD 80-83)

I pushed sometime ago for you guys to send in your 'Day in the life of..'Well, here's mine.

I work as an Area Accommodation Manager for a Housing Charity covering schemes from London to Kettering.

I specialise in accommodating Keyworker's i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Police, and Fire. In fact anyone who is 'key' to the community.

It does get a little complicated at times trying to stick with the Housing Act and working with the NHS, Education Dept and Police Authorities.

I am currently awaiting the result of a tender to take on 3000 beds for Students at Mid Middlesex Colleges (really looking forward to controlling these members of our Community!)

The charity I work for are named (and still controlled by) an Order of Monks. This has no bearing at all on my own religious views (if any!)

I fell into this type of work after leaving the RN in '86. Because we had to vacate the M¼'s I opted to go for a job in Westminster City Council where a house came with the job.

This job evolved from Contract Monitoring to Senior Housing Officer to specialising in Court appearances and Evictions.

In 2000 I decided I was too old for attending Evictions and all the associated problems so I downshifted to this current job. This job still has the occasions to raise the blood pressure but not as much as being chased by a machete wielding nutter shouting that he new my mother at sometime !!

Feb 2004


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