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Most of us are now doing work totally removed from our jobs on board the Ambers'.

Can I request that you knock up a small dit entitled……
"A day in the life of……….."
We are interested…….please e-mail the webmaster

Ray Taylor

A Day in the Life of…..

Terry Coupe (PO(S) 82-85)

Since 1986 I've been serving fine ales & porter to the general public. I started off with GREENALLS (some might remember brewery visit "82"

First pub was in Liverpool. Then to a food pub out in the country (just outside Kirby)

I was then offered one of "the flag ships" in St Helens.

I managed to stay in The Sefton for 9.5 years until they offered me a pay rise and a move to Chester, biggest S**T ole in the world but another promotion was in the air with a move to Wall Street in Preston. (Visited by the first committee after a meeting). In 2002 we made the move to a leasehold pub still in Preston city centre.

A typical day in my life is:- let the cleaner in at 0900,Wednesday's beer delivery at 0730 so an early start,. then its back up stairs & have a cuppa and a bit of T.V.. Back down stairs and get everything ready behind the bar. Next it's up the office check the tills and bring them down. Nip over the road for the papers, a quick cuppa read the sports page, Liverpool not doing well. 1130 open the pub and get behind the bar; lunch times are usually busy best food in town! 1400 clean up the pub and crack some office work. 1700 - 1930 back behind the bar for the tea time rush. Upstairs for me tea (dinner) bath & dhobs, and then back down to talk to the customers and maybe a "half" or two. 2320 kick every one out, count the tills and lock takings in the safe, lock the doors. A time to take in a bit of T.V. Weekends normally have a skinfull with the staff untill the small hours.

Not a bad life but plenty to keep me of the streets.
If you're ever in Preston pop in & we can have a coffee?
Terry Coupe

April 2004


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