5th Rate. 32 gun frigate carrying twenty four 12-pounders on her main deck and eight 6-pounders on her quarter deck Prize (Embuseade) taken in 1746. She fought off Cape Finisterre, captured the privateer Vainqueen and fought with Boscawen against de la Clue off Lagos. She was sold at Deptford in 1762.

The second Ambuscade began her life on the river Thames. In 1779 she captured the French Brig 'Helene' in the channel, and two years later served on the North American station during the Revoloutionary War. She was captured by French in 1748, recaptured as Embuscade by HMS Victory in 1803. From 1805-1809 Ambuscade servered in the Meriterranean and Adriatic, finally being broken up at Deptford in 1810

5th Rate. Prize 40-gun (Embuscade) taken in 1798 and added to Fleet in 1799 as Ambuscade, but renamed HMS Seine when previous Embuscade was recaptured.

The French 5th Rate 38-gun (Pomone) captured in 1811 and renamed Ambuscade but only remained in service for a year due to her poor state of repair. Broken up in 1812.


5th Rate. 32 guns, , began at Woolwich in 1830 , however renamed Amphion prior to launch and converted to be the Royal Navy's first steam powered frigate launched in 1846.

Torpedo Destroyer 1913-1921

The sixth Ambuscade was a torpedo boat destroyer (Acasta class) launched on the Clyde. Joined the 4th Flotilla on completion and served with the Grand Fleet on the outbreak of war. She played an active part in the First World War.She was involved in action with German Destroyers during a raid on Scarborough in 1914 , fought at Jutland in Summer 1916 she was at the Humber, moving to Portsmouth later and then in 1917 to Devonport. Sold for breaking in September 1921.

Destroyer D38


Diary of South American Cruise of Amazon & Ambuscade 1928 contributed by Dave Wright RN 1953-77

MORE WWII Ambuscade

Destroyer (D38). Laid down at Yarrows shipward in 1924 and joined the fleet in 1927. HMS Ambuscade made 37.66 knots on trials and was more economical than the other prototype HMS Amazon. At the begining of the Second World War, the ship was active in the operations to evacuate troops from Europe, and was hit by German field artillery in the process. This was followed by a short spell on anti invasion patrol in the North Sea before being transferred to the Western approaches Command and being converted to convoy escort duties. In 1943 she bacame the first ship to be fitted with the new 'Squid' deph charge motar and thereafter spent much of her time as an anti submarine training ship. She was scrapped in 1947


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