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Originally equipped with a 27' Motor Whaler, Cheverton launch and Inflatable Gemini.
The Cheverton was later removed and the whaler replaced with an Atlantic RIB (Riged Inflatable Boat).

Constructed from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) with wooden Gunwhales and powered by a small engine, The whaler was a reliable workhorse of the Royal Navy. It was mounted on davits on the starbord side of the ship. These lowered the boat to just above the sea whilst moving and then the command would be given to 'slip'. The Robinson's disengaging hooks were released by a crew member and the boat dropped into the sea

27" Motor Whaler (expertly driven by your webmaster Griff)
photo © S Griffin
Seaboat          Whaler
photos©David marchant

Constructed of GRP and powered by 1 80 HP diesel motor the ship's 27' (8.23M) Cheverton could carry up to 20 people at 10 knots. It was used to ferry crew ashore and for cerimonial purposes. The Cheverton boat and davits were removed to reduce weight after the 1984 -86 refit

Cheverton       Chevvy-

Blue Cheverton

Chevvy Diagram


ATLANTIC 21 RIB (Rigid Inflatable boat)
The RN began to move towards Rigid inflatable boats in the 1980s and the Atlantic 21 replaced the whaler during the 1984-86 refit. This also helped to reduce weight on the upper deck to offset the addition of Exocet. It was powered by an outboard motor.

RIB - Atlantic 21
HMS Ambuscade Atlantic Seaboat c1990 photos © David Dean

Atlantic 21

Diagram of Atlantic 21 (RNLI version)

GEMINI inflatable

The Gemini was used to support diving operations and general duties. It was powered by a 40HP outboard motor.
Gemini replenishing S/M ONYX Ascension Island 11th May 1982
photo ©Peter Mosse

whaler & Gemini
Whaler & Gemini off Lowestoft - June '84 photo ©Steve Griffin

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