Ambusman Photo


"Steve Grimsley 'ere, Currently (not) looking forward to spending christmas and the new year in the Northern Arabian Gulf, pretty much back where it all began many moons ago, it must have been xmas 80/81 in the gulf or was it
81/82 just before the Falklands?. At the moment I am working for the Fleet Battle Staff, currently employed for CTF58 and I am writing this to you from on-board the USS San Jacinto a ticonderoga class cruiser, so not only am I away from family and friends for xmas but they have sent us to a US navy ship, which is dry (my poor old kidneys think i've joined alcoholics anonymous). I was dissapointed not to have made the last get together, some of the photos are great, and some of the guys havnt changed alot at all, I was amazed to see Leon Symms there, and Dougie Branson. I worked just down the road from Dougie recently and never did meet up with him, pity. I have enclosed two phots for you to use on the site, Number 1 was taken whilst on board the san jac in the northern arabian gulf, the second one was taken at pickle night this year at the WO & Sgt's mess RAF Digby, Lincolnshire, it is of me and the wife Ann, yep still married it was 23 years this october (and
4 teenagers later, all still living at home, aarrgghh).

So I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all the Ambusmen and their families a very merry christmas and a happy new year, (reunion 2007 penciled in diary already)"

Grimsley Steve RO1G 1979-1982