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During Her Service HMS Ambuscade had her fair share of incidents.
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1983 Trawler Collision
Trawler Esther Colleen collides into Ambuscade whilst at anchor off Torquay UK
Trawler Esther Colleen

1983 -Collision USS Dale
Serious collision at sea with USS Dale

1982 - Collision with RFA during RAS
During the Falkland’s war, Ambuscade (with faulty stabilisers) bumped side-on to RFA Tidepool whilst replenishing at sea in roughers


1982 - Helicopter ditch
HMS Ambuscade was the first ship to lose a Lynx Helicopter. (fortunately without loss of life despite rough wheather)

1981 - MV Aris Fire
HMS Ambuscade went to the rescue of MV Aris on fire in the Red Sea
Fire Fire Fire!
1980 - Dockyard Crane incident
Whilst alongside during a gale in frigate ally Devonport, a dockyard crane toppled on to the ship.
Dockyard crane

1979 - Tribal Wars HMS Mohawk & HMS Nubian Collisions
Notoriously difficult to park because of a single screw, Tribal class frigate HMS Nubian collides into HMS Ambuscade whilst alongside at Faslane. Ambuscade gets her own back by bumping into HMS Mohawk in Devonport .

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