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HMS Ambuscade is proud to be associated with
TS Ambuscade Sea Cadets who help to keep the name of our ship alive

TS Ambuscade band 2007
TS-Ambuscade Sea cadets have been involved with Ambuscade Association Reunions.
This is the
band at the 2007 Falklands Reunion in Crewe

Cadets go to sea, learn to sail and do adventure training, all on a nautical theme, plus are given extra skills to give them a head start in life.

For more information please visit their website at the following Link:
Sea Cadets

There is also a TS Ambuscade Association website

TS Ambuscade Association

for More info on Sea Cadets http://www.sea-cadets.org
or e-mail Email: info@sea-cadets.org