My name is 'Lou' Cox, served as an RO(T) from 76-79. As my first ship (and a beauty) Ambuscade was a major influence in my upbringing - especially by Dave 'Father' Coffin (or Coggin as he was also known).

The deployments were fantastic, the runs ashore amazing and the people terrific. 'Moz' Perkins and myself started the Pistol Post (I think) and had a fun time putting it together, Moz being a very talented cartoonist. I remember a poem "Mike Gretton's Sailing Circus" (which Mike 'bought' from me for a beer - thanks boss!)  that would be a good addition ~ likewise the dits in the Post, stitching up the Jack Dusty's and Writers etc.

I got engaged whilst on Ambuscade, to a girl who turned out to be a FMAA's daughter - I couldn't work out how he knew exactly how I had conspired to regularly stuff things up until I found out that Tank Warren used to baby sit my wife !…. Been married now 27 years (out of spite of the Father in Law)

Although the times were hard (reduced manning - wonderful invention) the ships company was a tight bunch of lads. I didn't get over the traveling bug and now live in Australia. Best regards to all of the first deployment, especially 'Buster' Brown (cook) RO Mark Tait (honestly, RO TATE), Polly Perks (Std) Issac Newton and Moz Perkins.

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