PNS Tariq June 2006

"I spent a good part of last week in the Arabian Sea on board HMS Illustrious and we rendezvoused with PNS Badr and PNS Tariq, (as Ambuscade is now of course). I took a number of pictures that you may like to have a look at (though I noticed a number of crew members who said they served on Type-21s doing the same - one who worked in the galley claimed to have served on Ambuscade but I neglected to ask his name). "

There was a photo line up with the French friagate Surcouf. PNS Tariq and Badr, RFA Fort Victoria, HMS Gloucester and Lusty.

Tariq rescued a dhow that had been forced to transport over 750 illegal immigrants from Oman back to Pakistan the next day. She escorted the dhow back to Karachi as the dhow was totally overloaded, with hardly any life preserving equipment and it was the monsoon season, (the weather forecast wasn't brilliant and the swell was quite deceptive). So the spirit of Ambuscade lives on, new name or not.

Usman Ansari.
Warships - International Fleet Review.

photos © Usman Ansari Home

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