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92_South Georgia Whaling stn 2
92_South Georgia Whaling stn 3
92_South Georgia Whaling stn 4
92_South Georgia Whaling stn 5
92_South Georgia Whaling stn 6
92_South Georgia Whaling stn MEM(M) Pusser Hill
92_South Georgia
92_WEM Phil Auty at Ascension
92MCR LMEM Newby- HMS ambuscade - Falklands patrol
92_3D Mess HMS ambuscade - Falklands patrol
92_Ambuscade - first view of down south
92_Andy Winny Winfindale MEM(M) South Georgia
92_Ascension - certain WEM climbing flag pole - upset Joss - Joss blew a gasket
92_Ascension - certain WEM climbing flag pole - upset Joss -
92_Ascension on route to Falklands
92_Ascension Phil Auty, Drac Ryan, Paz, Nikki Lauder, Winny Winfindale - bugging me but cannot remember big Northern WEMs name sorry
92_Ascension Piss up -  Winny Winfindale, Newbz Newby, Paul Teasdale & Paz - sorry cannot remember last guys name
92_Centre is LMEM(M) Newbz Newby Right is MEM(L) Paddy Black - other not sure South Georgia
92_Crossing the line 1
92_Crossing the line 2
92_Crossing the line 3
92_Crossing the line 4
92_Crossing the line 5
92_Crossing the line 6

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