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Type 21 Frigate - Amazon class
Eight built - HMS Amazon, Antelope, Ardent, Active, Ambuscade, Arrow, Alacrity, and Avenger. Designed to replace the Leopard and Salisbury Class Frigates. Built by private Ship builders. Vosper Thornycroft, (HMS Amazon, Antelope and Active) with the other five by Yarrow's. Two of the class were lost during the Falklands War - HMS Antelope Sunk 24th May 1982 and HMS Ardent 22nd May 1982, The rest of the class were later sold to Pakistan.

10 Officers and 170 Ratings
a saving of almost a third of
equivalent vessels. As a result
improved living standards

Displacement 2750 tonnes std
3250 tonnes max
Dimensions 384' x 41' 9" (104.7m x 12.7m)
Draught 19' 6"

Gun Vickers 4.5 inch Mk8 with a range of 23km; 21kg shell with HE warhead of 2.53kg; Rate Of Fire 25 rounds per min. Muzzle velocity 2,850 ft/sec
Secondary guns 2 x 20mm Oerlikon (2 x 1)
Torpedo tubes  STWS1 refited STWS2
Surface to Air missile  
(1 x 4)  Seacat (GWS24) Range 5km; Speed Mach 0.9 4

 2 x Corvus chaff launchers
1 x Type 182 towed decoy

4 x MM38 Exocet
GWS 50;(4 x 1) between 1984 - 1985.
Range 45km; Speed Mach 0.93; 165kg warhead

1 x Westland Wasp
later replaced 1 x Westland Lynx HAS MK2
2 MK44 or Stingray Anti Submarine torpedoes
2 Depth Charges
4 Sea Skua Anti Ship Missiles

Type 1006 i band for Navigation and helicopter control
Type 992Q EF band for surveillance
2 x Type 912 fire control
(Gunnery & Seacat tracking)

Type 184 Medium range active sonar
Type 162 Short range sonar

1 x Cossor Type 191 IFF
SCOT satellite communications terminal
WSA (Weapon system Automation):
CAAIS Ferranti FM1600B for both gun and Sea Cat

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Launch photographs

Engines COGOG
(Combined Gas or Gas)

2 x Rolls Royce Olympus gas turbines
Power output 50000 shp
speed 30+ knots
range 1200 nautical miles @ 30 knots

2 x Rolls Royce RM1A Tyne gas turbines for extended cruising
Power output 8500 shp
18 knots

4000 nautical miles
at 17 knots. 1200 nautical miles at 30 knots

Shafts 2