HMS AMBUSCADE FALKLANDS WAR DIARY 1982  contributed by Dave Rowlands
9th April 1982 Depart Devonport with large amount of ammunition for Gibraltar
3rd May Depart Gibraltar for Ascension Island
9th May Cross the equator into the southern hemisphere
10th May Start defence watches (50% of ships company on duty at any one time)
11th May Arrive at Ascension Island
13th May Depart Ascension Island in company with HMS Antelope
16th May R/V with tanker British Esk but unable to refuel as she developed a problem with her rig after refuelling Antelope. Forced to hang around whilst she sorts the problem so Antelope goes on alone - this will be the last time we she her afloat.
17th May Finally refuel at 13:00 and again head south
21st May Arrive with task force
23rd May Slight collision with RFA Tidepool after she manoeuvred across in front of us as we prepared to refuel
24th May Went to actions stations at 0250 hrs for a suspected torpedo attack
25th May Stationed in our usual early warning picket on the outside edge of the task force and as a result was involved in the exocet attack that ended up hitting Atlantic Conveyor Link to citation
30th May First Naval Gunfire Support (NGS) mission. Fired 58 rounds in the area of Port Stanley airfield
7th June In company with HMS Arrow on NGS mission (104 rounds fired)
9th June To tug repair area to sort out engine problems
14th June NGS mission (228 rounds fired) in company with HMS Active (220 rounds fired) HMS Yarmouth (100 rounds fired) and HMS Avenger (100 rounds fired)
15th June Argentina forces surrender
3rd July Fall out form defence watches after 52 days
4th July Embark Scots Guards at Port Stanley and sail for South Georgia
7th July Arrive at Grytviken, South Georgia disembark Scots Guards and embark M Company 42 Commando 25 of whom are billeted in seaman's mess (73 people in a space for 48). Sail at 1400 hrs and for the first time since 9th April set course to the north and home.
15th July Arrive at Ascension Island and disembark 42 Commando
17th July Pass back over the equator for the first time since 9th May
18th July Divert to Senegal, West Africa to disembark 2 crew members (one with appendicitis and one with a family issue)
23rd July 2230 hrs anchor in Plymouth Sound
24th July Finally tie up alongside in Devonport dockyard to a fantastic welcome.
Ambuscade at War

BOOK - War and Peas. Intimate letters from the Falklands War 1982, it tells the story of HMS AMBUSCADE's daily involvement from leaving Gibraltar to the return to Devonport. Overall, it is a unique and valuable account of our involvement in 1982
John Lippiett (jimmy) LT/CDR 1981-1983

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