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Place Comments
23rd Jan 1981
Refit at Devonport Refitted with new EW, Torpedo tubes & for Lynx Helecoptor
followed by Flag Officer Sea Training at Portland .
Antwerp .
12th Oct
Portland .
19th Oct
sailed for Armilla Patrol with HMS Glamorgan & RFA ?
23rd Oct
26th Oct
Gibtaltar .
29th Oct
Sailed through Medina Straights .
2nd Nov
5th Nov
Corfu .
7th Nov
Port Said / Suez canal .
7th Nov
9th Nov
Anchored off Aqaba Jordan Petra visit
25th Nov
Towed GLAMORGAN to Muscat Glamorgan returned to UK after hitting a rock (see Dits)
28th Nov.
1st Dec
Baharain .
1st Dec
Started Patrol .
19th Dec
Crossed the Equator Crossing line certificate -click to enlarge Crossing the Line Ceremony
21st Dec
11th Jan
Mombasa Kenya Christmas/New Year
..Oil well at Christmas - Note Glamorgan crossed out - click to enlarge ..
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