1977 Visits
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1978 pink elephant dit pink elephant dit

Visits thanks to John 'Bungy' Edwards (Nav's Yeo)

Date To Place Comments
1978   DED Devonport Tyne engines uprated to RM1C (first ship so fitted). Cdr Mike Gretton took command
    Devonport (Unscheduled return) Olympus engine change
1st 1978 Newsletter 1978 Family Newsletter 31 May

Sailed for Group 7 Deployment to the Western Atlantic and Pacific via the Panama Canalwith HMS Blake & 5th Frigate Squadron

Helecoptor Cruiser HMS Blake
Frigates HMS AmbuscadeHermoine, Juno, Leander
Nuclear Submarine Conqueror
Support ships RFA Tidespring, Green Rover, Stromness, Resurgent

    Brest (Brittany) visits either side of French Naval exercise Suroit
  24 June Bermuda  
    Cartagena (Colombia )  
  9 Jul Panama Canal 7 hour transit (50 miles)
2nd Aug
2nd 1978 Newsletter 1978 2nd newsletter
17 Aug Long Beach Los Angeles Long Beach outboard of Leander. Devonport FMG flew out and we carried out an AMP everyone had
12 days station leave.

Micky Birchall

San Diego

Gearbox repair
Sept   Nanaimo Vancouver Island BC  
    Esquimalt -Victoria Canada  
Oct   San Francisco  
    Acapulco Towed Leander from Apaculpo to the Panama Canal
    Panama Canal  
25 Nov 27 Nov Nassau  
29 Nov   South Caicos  
    Chagaramas Trinidad
Nov   Key West (overnight stop) Rodman Naval Base
    Devonport for Christmas  
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