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Trying to re-establish contact with a LT Phillip Cox. He was aboard Ambuscade during the ships visit and tenure at Long Beach (Los Angeles) California in the late 1970's. I was part of the US Army personnel who provided flight support to your rotary wing aircraft, which were at "Army Airfield, Ls Alamitos" during the ships stay. I visited Phila and his wife, 'Nan' in Rochdale, England in 1983-84. Have lost contact and would like to re-establish contact with him.

Bill Deardorff
Major, USA, Ret

msg 1203001

I am a retired Royal Canadian Navy Sailor Brian Lapierre. during a
NATO deployment in 1977 spent a few nights having a pint ot two in the
C&PO'S mess onboard. I was a PO Electrician on HMCS Margaree at the time.
I am trying to find a PO who's last name was Clark (Clarke) and he was a Writer (Scribe)

msg 1203002

Steve Frith -would like to contact Billy King (Ops/Sonar) who I joined up with and was buddies with until I left the mob in 1985


I had the honour to serve in HMS AMBUSCADE, 1979-1983.
I joined the ship from the 1978 Devonport Gun Crew as a Petty Officer and left pre Falklands as a Chief Petty Officer.
My memories for the ship and crew are some of the best of my naval service.
I now live with my family in Perth Western Australia
I would be glad to hear from any former shipmates.
Willie Beresford


Does anyone remeber REM Vance Crawford. He is my brother
and I am trying to get in touch with past sea mates. His service was from 1974-1982.
any help thanks VC.

Virg Crawford


served on Ambuscade from 1979 to 1983 as REA 1 being rated CREA during the Falklands war on the same day that Taff porter was rated PO WEM(R).

I would love to hear news of LTJ and Frank Sealey and especially Neil Morris.

Best wishes to everybody



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