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Sea Dits 1981

Nick Barker

"Bandar Khayran was the scene in 1981 when we banyanned there with Glamorgan and the Omani Navy.

We elected to stay out at anchor as the charts were all at least 100 years out of date. The Glamorous Organ decided to go in and anchor. The upshot was that after a splendid day on the beach Ambers had to back in slowly to tow Glamorgan out after she had broken her props on the coral that had grown in the intervening 100 years.

She limped home and left us with her visit programme which turned out to be very enjoyable indeed.

170 Ambers men taking on the social, sports and visits programme of 400+ DLG folk - just the sort of challenge we all love."

HMS Glamorgan (before her mishap)! photo © Dave Rowlands 1981



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