Where is she now ?


Sold to the Pakistani Navy in July 1993
Now called PNS TARIQ

Tariq May 2005


Handover Ceremony photos
2004 photos from HMS Grafton 2005 photos from RFA Bayleaf
2006 photos Arabian Sea 2007 photos Arabian Sea 2009 photos fom HMS Cumberland
2015 Bahrain former PN Captain photos

"I was talking to a Pakistani Officer - Captain Majid - and he tells me that he served on AMBUSCADE (about 1999) and totally agreed with everything we'd ever said about the 'Type 21 Club'. He was full of praise for the ship."
Iain Dell (LMA) 1985 -1988

If you served on PNS Tariq we are interested to know of any adventures that she has got up to
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